About Us - Mandalynn Farms

About Us

Mandalynn Farms is a MicroGreen's Farm located in Georgetown, Tx. that grew from a passion for plants. The Farm named after Mandy Lynn Grafton was launched in 2020 by a Husband and wife Sean & Mandy Grafton. 

Mandy has always had a passion for plants and gardening, but in 2018 during her battle with Stage-3 Ovarian Cancer, she really began to focus her attention on optimizing her daily nutritional intake. As Mandy began her personal health journey into nutritional whole foods, she began growing her own MicroGreens and decided to share her passion, and amazing benefits of MicroGreens with others.

After much trial and effort, Mandalynn Farms was born... fueled by Mandy's passion for plants and supported by her Husband Sean, the Mandalynn Farms Brand has rapidly gained mass appeal with other like-minded and nutrition-conscious consumers.

How We Grow

At Mandalynn Farms we grow our crops using vertical farming techniques coupled with organic growing practices. We grow our MicroGreens in a strict climate-controlled environment, monitoring air temperature, humidity, and air circulation to provide the optimal environment for our crops to thrive in.

Our growing methods and precisely controlled environment allow us to produce consistent results year-round in less time than would be needed if we were growing them outdoors. It’s important to note that our MicroGreens are not to be confused with sprouts since the growing and harvesting methods are completely different.

Our MicroGreens are grown in soil from organically sourced seed and harvested as soon as the true leaves have emerged, yielding a beautiful and flavorful product.

Since we grow year-round, we’re able to offer a constant supply of fresh, delicious MicroGreens that have increased shelf life over non-local suppliers. This translates into the freshest, and most delectable MicroGreens possible.

We add new varieties seasonally so be sure to contact us about our current offerings. We offer FREE Local Home Delivery to Georgetown, Tx. and the surrounding communities, so call us today and let us deliver to you!

Cheers to Your Health!

Sean & Mandy Grafton